ZKDG roller crusher series

Product introduction:

This series of roller machines is mainly composed of roller assembly, frame assembly, pressing and adjusting device, driving transmission device and other parts.


The motor, reducer and universal coupling drive the two rollers to rotate relative to each other to squeeze the materials to achieve  crushing. The material falls between the two rollers through the feeding port, is squeezed and crushed, and the fifinished material falls  naturally. When there are too hard or unbreakable objects, the rollers can automatically retreat through the action of hydraulic  cylinders or springs to increase the gap between the rollers and allow the extremely hard or unbreakable objects to fall, thereby  protecting the equipment from damage. There is a certain gap between the two rollers rotating in opposite directions, and the  discharge granularity of the product can be controlled by changing the gap.

It is widely used in the sand making process of metal/non-metal mines.