Zhekuang Heavy Industry has become the Chinese member of ASEAN-China Construction Cooperation Committee


    On May 28, the "China-ASEAN Construction Industry Cooperation Summit Forum and the Establishment Conference of China-ASEAN Construction Industry Cooperation Committee" jointly sponsored by the China-ASEAN Business Council and the Nantong Municipal People's Government was held in Nantong. More than 60 envoys stationed in China from 10 ASEAN countries and more than 300 construction giants attended and signed the "Nantong Consensus on Strengthening China-ASEAN Construction Industry Cooperation and Win-win". It is estimated that between 2015 and 2025, ASEAN's annual investment in infrastructure will reach US$110 billion. The "Nantong Consensus" agreed that it is necessary to establish a China-ASEAN Construction Industry Cooperation Committee to promote exchanges between China and ASEAN in the field of construction industry, focusing on strengthening exchanges and cooperation on industry standards, technology, management, investment and financing, and specific projects. , to work together on the interconnection and infrastructure construction of ASEAN countries, to achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results. The China-ASEAN Construction Industry Cooperation Committee has an ASEAN chairman and a Chinese chairman, 44 ASEAN members including the Malaysian Builders Association, the Cambodian Builders Association, and the Myanmar Builders Association. There are 21 Chinese committee members including construction workers, among which Zhejiang Zhekuang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is the only Chinese committee member in the mining machinery industry.