Changxing CPPCC "capital operation and shareholding reform and listing" special inspection activity entered Zhekuang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

On May 18, Chairman Yu Chengshuang, the leader of the county CPPCC, led a team to put the special inspection activity of "capital operation and stock reform and listing" of Changxing County CPPCC in Zhejiang Mine, and invited a group of local companies in Changxing County to visit the company and exchange experiences.

Mr. Chen Lihua, chairman of Zhejiang Mining Co., Ltd. accompanied him to visit the company's production workshop, and introduced the company's production technology and major large-scale equipment.


At the meeting, Mr. Chen Lihua, chairman of Zhejiang Mining Co., Ltd., played the company's promotional video, showing everyone the company's development process, and explaining how the company embarked on the road of share reform from a limited company and finally successfully listed. Going public is an opportunity, a platform, and a challenge for companies. Enterprises should have the risk awareness in the process of coping with the growth process, and also actively make good use of the dividends brought by listing to the enterprise, so that the enterprise can thrive.


During the meeting, the county leaders commented on the companies currently planning to go public in Changxing County, pointing out that the companies planning to go public need to communicate more with companies already listed, such as Zhejiang Mining and other companies, and avoid detours in the listing process as much as possible ". Listed companies can also help these companies to guide and exchange experiences with each other.